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Full Body checkup- Super 3

Full Body Checkup

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Pocket Super 3 is the largest health assessment and includes all the blood tests in Pocket Super 1 and Pocket Super 2 as well as hormones, inflammation indicators, and advanced lipid profile. This one embraces the complete package of services for those people who would like to receive the result of the individual analysis of the state of their health. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and various types of dyslipidemias are the best monitored conditions by ambulatory blood pressure recording. Pocket Super 3 offer detailed daily health information and recommendations for early disease intervention and health enhancement. Knowing the speculation of your body , you can make appropriate choices of the way that you would wish to enhance your health status. This package is especially suitable for people who are willing to abide by strict measures of healthy lifestyle and avoid contracting dreadful diseases at the early stages.