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Pocket Pregnancy Profile

Pocket Pregnancy Profile

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 Pocket Pregnancy Profile

The Pocket Pregnancy Profile is an important diagnostic suite custom-built for every pregnant woman and her baby at each phase of the pregnancy. This profile, brings the tests which are crucial during pregnancy in order to check the health of mother and the fetus. The panel typically includes: Complete Blood Count (CBC): Evaluates past medical history for conditions that could impact pregnancy such as anemia, infections, and many more. Blood Group and Rh Factor: Defines the blood type, we also find out the Rh factor in order to avoid issues such as Rh incompatibility. Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT): Tests for gestational diabetic, a condition that more harm mother and the baby if not controlled well. Thyroid Function Tests (TSH, T3, T4): Determines pregnancy and fetal development state as thyroid disorder can affect pregnancy. Urine Analysis: It identifies or diagnoses conditions such as urinary tract infections and other conditions that may have an impact on pregnancy. Hepatitis B and C Screening: Scans for hepatitis infections, which are likely to be passed on to the baby during the time of delivery of the baby. HIV Test: It confirms early diagnosis and treatment to reduce the rate of mother to child transmission. Rubella IgG Antibody Test: Tests for susceptibility to rubella, a disease that in pregnancy poses significant risk factors to the pregnancy. Syphilis Test (VDRL/RPR): Tick marks for syphilis which is transmissible to the baby leading to other damaging health complications. Iron Studies: Checks the level of iron in order to and to treat anaemia, which is rife in pregnant women. The Pocket Pregnancy Profile engulfs extensive tracking of the essential body ratios in order to help in recognizing health complications at an early stage. This profile serves as a vital sign that all the client’s pregnancy needs will be well taken care of which contributes to her added comfort in the entire pregnancy period.